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" Then she spoke quite softly. "And the first time I realised that my bottom could be an erogenous zone." I didn't say anything. I really didn't have ... motive when I did that, but once it had happened I was pleased that Elaine didn't have a negative reaction. She looked shyly at me."Could we talk about that later?" You should know by now that you can talk to me about anything."We got dressed. Quite unfazed by getting dressed in the same room, it seemed so natural. I put on some Chino's and a. He lovingly touched my forehead and moved his fingers in my hair. I buried my face in his crotch, covered by clothing. He told me that I looked beautiful. I took his feet and kissed them, and then he raised me up.He lifted me in his arms. I was so happy and worried at the same time. Should he get a heart attack by this effort, I would find it difficult to explain the situation. He placed me on the bed, and I felt so sexy. I spread my body, covered by just the sexy lingerie, on the bed, and he. There sat my baby, a fully restored black cherry colored 1969 Dodge Charger. "Holy Shit!" he exclaimed. "That is my all time favorite car!" I showed off my baby to him for a few minutes but I could tell his wife was getting a bit antsy. Their hotel was only 4 or 5 blocks away so i suggested we switched cars. He threw my his keys and said "done". I took his keys and his wife and I headed for the Porsche. As we followed him to the hotel his wife massaged my cock and told me how she couldn't. " You don't have to say anything baby. Yes was all I wanted to hear."I drew away from him, he brushed the tears away, gently kissing me.There were no more interruptions that day. We agreed that we would take our love making sessions slow and one-step at a time being that we wanted to enjoy each other's full pleasure and with everything else going it, it may be best at the time.We went shopping for some new clothes and a swimsuit. After dinner, we played in the pool and rested quietly in the.

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