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The sex was just a way to get it, offering up her body as a lure to satisfy her hunger. Sex that left her feeling empty, and unsatisfied all because o... Daray.Human or vamp alike could not make her body feel the way his could. Could not fill her to overflowing, warming her from the inside out as his climax's did. Even now, after only a few hours since he'd taken her so gloriously her hunger for him intensified, she wanted the feel of his powerful body pressed against her own, his hips rocking. . and I didn't know how to tell you. I guess my feelings got out of hand because they were bottled up fir so long. I can't take this. I just want you so bad, Saph. I think I love you."I winced at her last sentence, gazing up into those beautiful green eyes with my deep blue ones. I sighed, than pulled her close to me.She looked up at me, confused as I ran my hand through her silky curls."I love you too," I whispered, then plunged my other hand up her night gown as my lips touched her's.We. "I pulled up on the handle, snapping it in place, then tilted it so she could grab hold of it. She ended up with her hands over her shoulders, pulling it behind her.I took the box upstairs and held it against the stucco with my leg while I unlocked the door. Bozo was all set to make his escape but a forceful "Uunnhh! Stay there!" forced him back inside.Laurie was a few feet from the stairs, trying to muscle it across the lawn. I heard her muttering to herself, "I know I can, I know I can."I. So I continued my double life. Several times I saw the same girl standing there alone, always looking at me when I passed by, but I never made any intent to pick her up. Let’s say ir bluntly: She was ugly! Will not deny she had a good body, but her face didn’t help her.One night I was out for dinner with some clients from our office and, as two of them were from out of town I had to bring them back to their hotel. It was already late and, having drunk a little too much (we knew that as long.

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