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It wasWednesday, just three days after Chris' terrible revelation. But evennow, Chris just could not bring himself to face Andy, and so tried toavoid at all costs. Any time they did speak, Chris was distractedand ended the conversation at the earliest possible opportunity. Heknew that his aloofness would only arouse Andy's suspicion, but Chriscould not help it. Every time he looked Andy in the eye, he thought"Does he know it was me that sucked him off last weekend? Doe he thinkthat I'm. Now begins my new task. Each toe that I sucked seemed to make her rub even more, and for me each toe was a tasty morsel. I must have sucked each toe twenty times. I really went to town on her big toe, and then she caught me looking again, ZAAAAP! This one hurt like hell and I fell backwards. I apologized and began to get to my knees again. Stop right there, since you like looking, let me give you a close up view. She pushed me back down, and she stood up full weight on my chest and. That did it. She initiates a very deep and ardent kiss, withholding her answer to my question. Staring into my eyes, she forcefully thrusts her vagina down onto my clit with rhythmic speed. I began sucking on her breast - her nipples splitting hard. While sucking on her neck and pulling her head back by her hair, I try controlling her grinding on top of me, and still touch every inch of her body, but she is real aggressive, and ardently rubbing her pussy on top of mine. She’d make passionate. He decided to leave it alone for now, Kim was obviously ashamed of it and did not want anyone to know, he felt sorry for her being this secretive and actually he was the same. He put the laptop back in standby, said his goodbyes and left.That night in his hotel room he searched for the website and found it! He was so excited that his hard-on was hurting, it was because of the anticipation reading Kim's fantasies. He registered and made up his own nickname and profile and started reading.

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