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“You almost had me!”Roy visibly dialed the TKU to max. “Let’s see if your Force field withstands that!”But before he could unleash the full ...ower of his TKU which would not have been a good idea, a glistening beam cracked from Partners horns and the pirates personal force field collapsed while his Shield belt sizzled, smoked and melted to a clump.Roy grinned cold. “Shouldn’t buy shield belts from Techno-Shack.”Partner came closer opening its maw smeared with blood and pieces of flesh still. It was another one of those sexual encounters where you remember almost everything… I didn’t meet up with him on this occasion knowing it was going to happen because I would have worn something different. I had a cute little mini skirt and a pair of my most favorite ballet flats on. But for some reason he really looked good to me, major turn on and I must have looked just right to him. We sat down, got our stuff situated on the library table. Unknowing to me he had already pulled out his erect. Charles had ascended themmany times before, he was sure he could descend them as easily in hisdress, just as the girls did each morning to begin to clean and preparetheir masters and mistresses' breakfast. Charles wondered how the girlsfelt each morning when they served his family breakfast. At times, hecould hear their stomachs rumbling and wondered if they were famishedwhile they placed a feast before him.Charles pondered if they thought that there was an unfairness in theworld, or if they. She bit my earlobes with joy and told me to enter my black thick penis inside her wet cunt. When I rammed my shaft with mushroom head inside, she screamed as if she was being knifed. I slapped her and told her to be a quite; I pressed my hands on her boobs continuously. She was a submissive maid to the regains of a bull like me. She put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, trying to take me in. She submitted her body to me and started to enjoy the way.

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