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Don't expect a relationship just a nice place to stay with no bills. Of course no pay. I guess you could say I need a good sex slave. So if your n...t comfortable with doing that job now would be a good time to leave." I was a bit surprised but replied nervously, "But what if I am?" She said, "Well then you need to take off your clothes, right now." I did and as she could see I was already a bit turned on by the situation. As my cock was already rock hard at it's 8 inches. Her eyes perked. This led to my father suggesting that Doreen dress a little more revealingly when Ben came round. I know of one occasion when Ben called, Doreen spent an entire hour with a dildo deep inside her, kept in place by very tight panties and trousers over the top. Within seconds of bidding Ben goodbye and closing the door behind him, she raced upstairs, tore her trousers down and screamed her way through an intense orgasm. A second and third followed. My father was all for Doreen fucking Ben.. De den taki main car ko thik kara sakoon main kaha thik hai aur main apne kamre main jaakar parse se rupai nikaalne lagi tabhi tabhi wo peeche mere kamre main bhi aa gaya maine usko rupai dia aur kaha 10 baje tak jaroor aa jana mujhe kahin jana hai wo kuch bhi nahin bola bas haan main sir hila dia tabhi naukarani aa gayee aur boli madam main jaa rahi hoon apne kamre main koi jaroorat ho to rukoon waise main khana laga dia hai ap kha lijiyega maine kaha thik hai aur wo chali gayee uska kamra. As I reached the closed door of the daughters bedroom there was a little fairy sign that said Donna’s room keep tidy, “aww bless” I thought to myself, thinking she must be of a young age, I opened the door & walked in, putting on the light I could see before me a very tidy room indeed, decorated in pink, but something just did not add up to the young girl image I had in my head. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, walked over to the bed and sat down, “mmm.

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