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Or us ne haste hue kha lallu abhi pakda kaha hai abhi tak to haat bhi nhi lagaya. or mere paas aa k mere kaan pe dire se boli prem tum to bahot tharki...ho mere jara se chipakne se tumhara ye haal hai to baki se kya haal hoga.maine us ki kamar me haath daal k use apne paas khinchte hue bola k “try kar k dek lo kya haal hoga” or us k honto ko chumne laga wo bhi mera saath de rhi thi or jor jor se honto ko chus rhi thi mere lund to pehle se hi khada tha wo us ki tango k bich me us k chut k upar. We would give beaver shots, boob shots and many other things. The old men at the club could not keep their eyes off of us. So one day we are fixing some splinklers on one of the greens. These old men came up-six of them. they were probably in their late sixties or seventies. We let them sneak a good peak of our pussys. They started to flirt with us. linda made some comment to them about being to old to fuck. They said that we could not keep up and then dared us to try. Linda and Tammy never. She gagged on my hardened penis. Her mouth drooled with her own saliva mixed with my pre-cum.Her face had gone red; she stood up and gave me a smile, stretched her hand and pulled me up. I stood up, “Let’s go to my bedroom”, she said and led me in. She threw herself on her bed and spread her legs and said, “I’m all yours”. I bent down between her legs and feasted on her already wet pussy.About five minutes passed and she too couldn’t control herself. She was moaning and squeezing her breasts,. Ann said, they're full of milk and they hurt. After a few minutes Ann said, I need to release some. Beth asked, can I help. Smiling Ann said, I'd like that. Coming over to her aunt, Ann said to sit next to her. As Beth watched Ann unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out one of her tits. Beths eyes were fixed on Ann's swollen breast. Ann said would you like a taste. Yes, Beth said quickly. Laying her across her lap Ann said to open her mouth. Beths heart pounded as she watched Ann lean down guiding.

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