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I could not protest. I was gagged. He tied my legs to the head of the bed. It smelled of come and blood, piss and whatever food he pushed at me as if ... were his dog. Later, he would curl up to me and speak to me of angels while he fucked my ass. After a time, he lived inside the crease of my brain, in the place where the ax cuts the stone, my rose above the surface of what is known and provable. I became a prediction. I became Hamlet’s bare belly and my mouth made his cock my bone. Don’t deny. I knew what this meant and I got rock hard just thinking about it. She told me she'd tell her parents she was going to the library again and would meet me at my dorm room that evening. Gina came over that afternoon and sucked me off and I was glad because I may have blown my load way too quickly with Sam that night if she hadn't. I waited in my dorm room wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs until Sam finally knocked. My cock began to swell with anticipation as I walked to open the. I was exhilarated and randy as hell when you made me walk into the bushes to remove my underwear, the thought of being discovered topless or with my skirt up around my waist and knickers around my ankles really got the old juices flowing. I almost hoped you would follow me into the bushes. I would gladly have stayed in the bushes and sucked you off, if my lord and master had only followed me in to the bushes.I was quite alarmed when on the pathway in full view of anyone who happened to be. He knew her schedule and the Pussycat Club (not Lounge) wasn't on it.'I get it, ' he realized. She was letting him know she already knew something was wrong. 'We can talk in code... '"Well, we miss you, too," Frank said. "I wish I could tell you more, but I'm, um... tapped... out from working on that, uh, Woodpecker project." 'Jeez! How lame is that?'"Woodpecker project?" Tanya asked, "Oh, I remember. Well, I'm glad there's nothing wrong. If there was, you know, I could be there in an hour.".

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