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Ade had spoken to my mother a few years before and told her outright that we had sex. I had been very embarrassed, but he thought it would better than...her not knowing and me having to hide this fact from her, and to my surprise, she had been okay about me being fucked by Ade. I knew my Mum liked Ade, and with my Dad being away for 18 months at a time, I guess she thought she’d rather know what I was doing. Ade was sensible being 5 years older than me, and so she knew that I wouldn’t get. The so called conference she just left had been a debacle. From self-destructing technologies to delayed presentations, the day, and the previous night, had been a total waste of time. Her husband Marcus had organised another gangbang with the band for her birthday, and she had to be home, at the very least, by nine o'clock. Why nine o'clock? Because after the last gangbang good old Stan, the aggressive cockhead with the small dick and appalling attitude to women, told all the other guys'. "Susan," I tried to say passively. "You're being ridiculous. You're butt doesn't look big. You look great wearing anything . . . I just don't get it why you're always so obsessed with thinking you're overweight! It's not like you have to shop in one of those "fat girl" shops or anything!" Shhh," Susan said while pointing over my shoulder. "Keep your voice down Tim. There are other . . ." Don't tell me to keep my voice down!" I interrupted as my frustration finally boiled over. "I'm tired. A swiftbrushing of his hair and a dab of lipstick; shouldering the handbagand putting his one credit card and the hairbrush and lipstick intothe bag, he closed the door and with a mounting heart rate, took thelift back down to the ground floor and walked out of the building.He was acutely aware of everyone on the road and the passing cars. No-one seemed to take much notice and he concentrated on taking shortersteps, although his feet really hurt. He relaxed and began to enjoythe swish of the.

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