Not ever." I know. I don't mean to be." She looked into his eyes. "You like it, though, right?" I'm about to show you how much."Emily smiled as he pre...sed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he crushed her to him and she let herself melt against him."This is really unnecessary," Ben murmured against her lips. She was about to ask what he meant when she felt him undo the strap of her bra. He coaxed her arms down and slid the garment off, growling in approval. They'll assume you're a friend of mine, which isperfectly true! Just try to keep calm, remember everything Julie and Itaught you about how to move, and you'll be fine." OK," I said. I opened the car door and climbed into the passenger seatas Elaine took the wheel."When you go to see your dad -- I mean, Samantha -- tomorrow," she said,"you'll need to wear flat shoes for driving. You're doing brilliantly inyour heels, but driving in them when you're not used to them is toodangerous." Right," I. Next, he would be getting a makeover. Been there, done that, recommend it. In this, I conspired with Elspeth and his mother. My rules were very specific. They could do his hair. Everything else he had to pay for. There was an argument, but they both understood the logic. I unbent a bit, by allowing Trip's mother to give him a $100 prepaid card. That would not go far in a mall, but Elspeth knew how to get creative.Before they left, I gave Trip a box of condoms and the address of a motel where I. “Don’t stick it out unless you plan to use it!”“Give me a chance and I will,” she offered suggestively.That was seriously differen from how she’d said it in the past. I realized that my tomboy friend had turned into an actual girl! She still had her frizzy perm, but now had a figure. I suddenly saw her in a new light.“If you’re serious, next Saturday after work.”“You’re on!” she said as she went back to work.The dynamic between us had just seriously changed. I didn’t think she was thinking.

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