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Unseemly ... behaviour by him towards Miss Sharpe."Shelley paled. "How am I to wield any influence over a man like Byron? You expect too much of me, G...eenaway."I put my mouth close to his ear. "If harm befalls Becky Sharpe I will come after you and cut off your nugs ... do I make myself clear?"Before he was able to reply Mary Shelley called from the window of the coach. "What are you two boys chattering about? Come along Percy, time and tide wait for no man."He stumbled away and disappeared. By now his hand had travelled further between my legs,and was slowly rubbing my very damp pussy ,through my lace panties. His bulge was now considerable, I had started to unzip his flys, and put my hand into his pants, feeling his lovely hard cock, I pulled it free, and started to pull his cock up and down, nice and slowly, he said to me if you carry on like that i'm going to cum, well I didn't want to waste it over my hand, I wanted it down my throat ! he said how about we leave, before we get. ‘Can I anyways?’ He asked ‘I’ll pull out before I blow, I promise.’ He added. ‘Mm-.’ But before I could decide I felt the head pop into me: ‘Oh god YES!’ I screamed, he pushed himself deeper. The skin on skin just felt so right. I gave in and spread my legs welcoming him even more. He kept pushing into me. After awhile he paused and started pulling himself back. Inch by inch, he then pushed again. He pumped slowly at first, but after awhile he sped up. He humped away at me for hours. He. I did not notice myself move behind her. It was like I was a passenger or the person standing the the mirror watching the scene happening before me. I pressed my crotch against her butt which pinned her between me and the bathroom counter. My penis was not fully erect and nestled between her softness, my nose nozzles into the nape of her neck, as my hands kept at her side never roaming up to fondle and grope at her breasts. I inhaled deeply taking in the headily scent of her perfume. On the.

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